Jumping JackS

You have most likely heard about the jumping jacks in your life, it is a very common exercise type that is highly recommended to people that want to lose weight because it is very good fat burning exercise.

V sit-ups

These are one of the best ways to get rid of your belly. If you have weight problems, then you probably have problems with your stomach. The V sit-ups are the best exercise for shaping your belly.


Mountain ClimbersThis is a very similar exercise to jumping jacks but it is a combination of jumping jacks and pushups. Therefore, this is an even better exercise for people that want quicker results. You can do this exercise almost anywhere, you don’t need any equipment.

Mountain Climbers

A great exercise for both upper and lower part of your body. You will feel the burn in your legs, shoulders, and arms. Usually, we recommend doing this exercise along with some similar ones like pushups.

Forward-backward Lunges

This is a great exercise for your lower part of your body. Especially the bigger muscles in the legs. You can do this exercise with some dumbbells in your hands if you are not feeling the burning without extra weight.


One of the most common type of exercise that everyone has heard of and the reason is because it has a very good result. Especially for females that want to shape their legs. This exercise can be also performed with additional weight.


JoggingThis might be the all-time most common exercise that people are doing to lose weight. A really good way to burn fat very fast. We recommend that you go jogging fully dressed in clothes that are thick.

Stationary Bike Riding

We are suggesting riding a stationary bike because you can adjust the weight on it which gives you more options and better way to achieve your results. Make sure just that you are properly stretched before a ride.

Rope Jumping

This is a very popular exercise that a lot of famous boxers are doing, and for few good reasons and that is cutting weight and getting into condition. If you want to burn fat fast or get your body in condition for running, this is a great exercise.


Everyone is familiar with this exercise and there is nothing much to talk about because it is quite simple to understand it. This exercise, when combined with others, will give you very good results fast. Pushups are focusing on building your upper body strength.